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About Us

Srishtitek provides a variety of services related to Information Technology and outsourcing and has been recognized as one of the emerging leaders in software solutions. We provide custom software development, Staffing, Training and engineering services. We offer Enterprise level web based applications, web services, technical resources, Enterprise level database, software hosting, technical support services, routine programming, and more.


We are based in Austin, Texas and privately owned. We have accomplished, caring and efficient management and is serving the needs of a various domain of companies such as Telecom, Finance, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Education and Government etc. Our mission is to provide cost-effective IT solutions in the fields of Software and hardware at the same time maintaining the highest level of quality and commitment to our partners and our clients.


We believe that when the client grows, we grow in the process. Our consultants bring considerable domain expertise in process modeling, content management, performance attribution, financial modeling and enterprise resource planning. We combine this with in-depth technical skills in Database, Web and Enterprise technologies to provide a result oriented and cost effective consulting solution.


We also believe in maintaining the highest level of professionalism in technical resource pooling. That’s the reason why most of our technical resources are pre-screened, pre-evaluated. Our unique methods and best-case practices raise us above all others and as a result, our client base has been continuously growing from its Alabama core to a strong national presence.


Our technical team is here to help you with your needs. Be it software development, Database migration, finding a candidate for your Job Requirement Or providing you with strategic planning for your technical needs.


We Can Help You:

  • Achieve reduced operational risk by reducing manual processing.
  • Improve the timeliness of information delivery.
  • Enhance your access to data.
  • Streamline integration between primary and downstream applications.
  • Access more complete, accurate and timely information to make better-informed